Pubdate: Fri, 09 Oct 2015
Source: Albany Democrat-Herald (OR)
Copyright: 2015 Lee Enterprises
Author: Larry Crompton


Just read about NASA learning of running water on Mars. After reading 
the two letters (Mailbag, Sept. 29) by Keta Tom and John Collet about 
how good pot is for you, I realize who told them. Just one more name 
of an illegal alien and Trump's outer space wall will be a fact.

Just think, smoke pot and no more domestic violence. Get our judges 
to believe that and Linn County could shut down jail beds. Just 
sentence violators to smoke three dubies a day and no more problems. 
Murderers, five dubies a day and we are all safe. And then we also 
learned that soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes and legal drugs kill 
more people than pot ever will. We spend billions of dollars to get 
rid of cigarette smoking and we have people who know nothing about 
the dangers of marijuana.

Mental illness has been linked to users, as is depression and 
suicidal thoughts especially in teens. Marijuana has 50 to 70 percent 
more cancer-causing substances than tobacco, and one joint could 
cause as much damage to the lungs as six cigarettes. Heart attacks 
are there as marijuana raises heart rate. It is proven that teenagers 
who smoke pot lose as much as 8 IQ points.

The facts are out there but they are not published by the major media 
or those who are addicted to pot. Just think, instead of giving 
billions of dollars to terrorist countries, send them tons of pot and 
they will no longer want to kill, just stay home and be friendly. 
Send it back to Mars and we won't have to worry about those Martians 
attacking us. God help us, please.

Larry Crompton

Scio (Oct. 1)
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