Pubdate: Thu, 01 Oct 2015
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2015 Los Angeles Times
Author: Hezekiah Allen


Re "Cleaning up after pot farmers," Editorial, Sept. 23

As representatives of craft and artisanal cannabis farmers in 
California, we applaud The Times' editorial, which addressed 
environmental damage caused by unregulated and illegal cannabis growers.

Cannabis cultivation can produce undeniable consequences for the 
environment. The inability to address these consequences is directly 
linked to prohibition.

For generations, a culture of fear has surrounded cannabis farming, 
preventing farmers from seeking advice and professional counsel. 
Historically, our police regulators have not been collaborative with us.

Today, we see a major philosophical shift. Land-use experts and 
compliance professionals are entering our industry to help cannabis farmers.

Like other farmers, we are hungry for tools to affirm our legitimate 
roles in the economy, the community and the environment.

Hezekiah Allen

Sacramento The writer is executive director of the California Growers Assn.
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