Pubdate: Thu, 01 Oct 2015
Source: Seattle Times (WA)
Copyright: 2015 The Seattle Times Company


Several Seattle lawyers have joined in a lawsuit challenging the 
city's clampdown on medical-marijuana dispensaries.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in King County Superior Court contends 
the city's regulations aimed at shutting down dispensaries exceed its 
authority. Because marijuana remains federally illegal, the lawsuit 
claims the city lacks the power to regulate and tax the drug and 
shutter businesses who sell it.

The defendant in the case is Columbia City Holistic Health, a 
dispensary. Because of the federal ban on pot, turning over 
dispensary business records demanded by the city would amount to 
self-incrimination, the suit says.

The suit seeks an injunction stopping the city from enforcing its pot 

"We believe the city's marijuana ordinances and tax code are 
constitutional and we will defend them in court," said Deputy City 
Attorney John Schochet.

The lawyers behind the suit are Sean Badgley, Douglas Hiatt, Aaron 
Pelley and Jeff Steinborn. Hiatt, Pelley and Steinborn were outspoken 
opponents of Initiative 502 which legalized state regulation of pot 
production and sales.

Initiative 502 also set up a conflict with the mostly unregulated 
medical marijuana merchants.
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