Pubdate: Wed, 23 Sep 2015
Source: Dayton Daily News (OH)
Copyright: 2015 Dayton Daily News
Author: Ron Rollins


People are talking about Ohio's marijuana legalization issue.

 From reader Jim Armstrong: "Issue 3 isn't that troubling, that will 
be an up or down vote. That the powers that be would try to undermine 
that vote by putting up another issue to stop a monopoly from being 
able to be in the state constitution - where was the indignation when 
they gave away the gambling monopoly?"

 From reader Tom Davis: "1) Alcohol is the gateway drug. 2) If no one 
is being harmed by using pot, why is it illegal? What about personal 
liberties? 3) It should be illegal for minors. Their minds aren't 
developed enough. 4) Employers should treat marijuana just like 
alcohol. You can't drink on the job, so what makes employers think 
employees will do marijuana on the job? It makes it sound as if 
people are stupid and can't control themselves."
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