Pubdate: Tue, 01 Sep 2015
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2015 Appeal-Democrat
Author: Buck Weckman


I clearly remember the day Gary Simpson spoke out against the 
criminal marijuana industry at a Yuba County Board of Supervisor's 
meeting. It was the day after his cousin was murdered by marijuana 
thieves. Now the criminal marijuana industry is trying to make an 
issue of his letter to Linda residents stating his feelings about his loss.

I am not surprised. This destructive element, hiding behind false 
claims of a "medical marijuana need," will do anything to further 
their objectives of staying high and growing and trafficking 
marijuana for the almighty dollar. Almost daily we read about or see 
the effects: depletion and theft of our ground and surface water, 
destruction of our environment, home invasions and murders and the 
infusion of fear into our neighborhoods.

Since forming Yuba County FACT (Families Against Cannabis 
Trafficking), I have personally been subjected to their tactics: 
numerous threatening and foul-mouthed telephone calls, assaulted by a 
marijuana guard dog in my own yard, an increase of nearby gunfire (it 
is not deer season yet), frivolous complaints and screamed at in 
public meetings. Numerous friends and supporters have expressed many 
of these same concerns; fear seems to a predominate factor.

We don't have to put up with this undesirable element. Your Yuba 
County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff and Code Enforcement are making 
great efforts to identify these lawbreakers. Their efforts have 
already resulted in numerous criminal arrests, code action to shut 
down illegal marijuana grows and indirectly provided the incentive 
for marijuana traffickers to move elsewhere. The situation is 
improving, but there is still much to be done. So what can you do? 
First, support our Board of Supervisors and encourage them to provide 
funding for a Sheriff's Office Marijuana Task force. The marijuana 
industry and their criminal activity creates a substantial drain on 
our law enforcement resources.

Second, don't be indirectly indentified as a marijuana supporter by 
signing any of their selfserving petitions. They won't tell you their 
petitions could cost Yuba County (that's you, the taxpayer) from $50 
to $130,000 for a special election. Better those funds be spent in 
finding the murderer or murderers of Gary Simpson's cousin!

Buck Weckman

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