Pubdate: Tue, 25 Aug 2015
Source: Beacon Herald, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2015 Osprey Media Group Inc.
Author: Jim Hollingworth
Page: A5


The logic in this letter is flawed when it implies that Trudeau's 
policies are not inclusive in the areas of the pro-life movement, the 
legalization of marijuana use and on homosexuality.

Firstly, by stating that all Liberal candidates in the forthcoming 
election must be pro-choice on the abortion issue, Trudeau is being 
open and welcoming to each and every Canadian to make their personal 
choices on this issue. His position is fully inclusive of those who 
choose not to have abortions, as is the pro-choice movement.

Secondly, on the issue on Trudeau's intentions to make the use of 
marijuana legal, the logic in the letter is equally flawed. In no 
way, does Trudeau's proposed legislation on this issue exclude those 
Canadians who choose not to use marijuana. Furthermore, there is much 
compelling evidence that the excessive alcohol usage is a more potent 
and dangerous recreational chemical than is marijuana. The number of 
Canadian deaths from alcohol-related physical and mental diseases, 
from traffic crashes and the number of cases of spousal abuse, 
marital breakdowns and the ending of promising careers are far, far 
more commonplace in those who abuse alcohol than in those who use 
marijuana for recreational purposes.

Finally, on the uncompromising, homophobic stance taken by the 
author, supposedly based on the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity 
and Islam, the author is making the common mistake of quoting only 
that which suits his argument. Enumerable theological scholars have 
repeatedly advised that one can always find the point and the 
counter-point on any divisive issue that one cares to study in the 
texts of the world religions. May God bless all of us.

Yours Sincerely,

Jim Hollingworth, M.D.

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