Pubdate: Sat, 22 Aug 2015
Source: Repository, The (Canton, OH)
Copyright: 2015 The Repository
Author: Mark Coleman


Yes, Ohio! I'm so glad that 320,000 people are tired of the 
government treating us like kids and telling us we can't use the 
medicine that God put here, but we can use theirs ("Pot headed to 
ballot," Aug. 13). I don't ever remember voting on the use of Big 
Pharma's "drugs," which kill people daily. Big Pharma is afraid of 
cannabis because it truly is a miracle flower/plant/herb and is NOT A DRUG!

What do you suppose was used as medicine from the beginning of time 
until 1937, when it was made illegal? Yes, cannabis was used. I am 
seeing what this flower can do against cancer first hand and it's 
amazing. Chemotherapy does not work 97 percent of the time and it 
kills your immune system. It's a bad deal for cancer patients, but a 
good deal for doctors, who make a ton of cash during the process 
while possibly killing you. There is no money in a cure for cancer; 
it's a business, plain and simple. So I pray that the good people of 
this state educate themselves on why this plant is illegal in the first place.

America was actually built on cannabis! Our first president, George 
Washington, was a huge grower of hemp - a form of cannabis - as was 
Thomas Jefferson. It was illegal in the colonies (Virginia) to NOT 
grow cannabis because it was used for so many things. The Navy in 
1945 asked all Americans to grow cannabis for them to make rope - you 
can see that TV commercial on YouTube.

Also, if an adult wants to sit in his or her home and smoke cannabis 
to relax, then why not legalize it? Alcohol is a dangerous poison 
that kills thousands of people every year along with cigarettes and 
they are legal. Once again, please search why cannabis is illegal and 
you may change your mind come Nov. 3.

I myself speak on it almost daily and would be happy to come to 
educate you on this God-made medicine. I would also never take 
anything a doctor gave me. If God didn't make it it's not going into my body.

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