Pubdate: Wed, 22 Jul 2015
Source: Metro (Calgary, CN AB)
Copyright: 2015 Metro Canada
Author: Lucie Edwardson
Page: 4


Following a slew of shootings in the city's northeast, Calgary police 
said Tuesday the incidents are "extremely concerning", while offering 
reporters insight into what officers are dealing with.

Staff Sgt. Quinn Jacques with the CPS guns and gangs unit said in 
2014 the CPS investigated a total of 54 shooting events, and has 
already investigated 63 such events in 2015, 25 of which he said took 
place in District 5 in the city's northeast.

"Never before have we seen this kind of prevalence of gun-related 
violence in our community," he said. "Disputes over drugs are nothing 
new, but using guns to solve these disputes has now become the rule 
instead of the exception."

Jacques said 60 per cent of shooting incidents in the city have been 
determined to be drug-related.

"There is a troubling ease of acquiring a gun in Calgary," he said.

According to Jacques, the guns and gangs unit is targeting groups in 
their investigation who are suspected of being involved in the 
shootings, but said he couldn't divulge details.

"The vast majority have been targeted attacks committed by members of 
a particular group," he said.

He said police are also working with the groups in an attempt to 
mitigate the violence.

Ward 5 Coun. Ray Jones said he was debriefed by CPS Tuesday morning 
after he raised concerns during Monday's city council meeting.

"I feel a lot more comfortable about what is being done after my 
meeting with the police this morning," he said.
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