Pubdate: Fri, 26 Jun 2015
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2015 Langley Times


The debate in Langley City over the number of pharmacies which have
set up shop is actually part of a larger debate involving the use of
drugs in society - legal, illegal, tested, patented and perhaps
somewhere in between.

In Vancouver, council has approved legalizing medicinal marijuana
dispensaries. These have popped up in that city on many corners, and
because they exist in a gray zone, with medicinal marijuana legal, but
only available from federally-approved sellers, the business is

In Langley City, council has been unable to limit the number of
pharmacies setting up shop. They operate legal businesses, and because
many of them dispense methadone, which is a legal drug, some people
think there is a link to criminal activity. That has yet to be proven.

However, it is hard to stop dispensing of legal drugs, and using
loopholes, bylaws and regulations to try to restrict or choke off
sellers usually doesn't work.

The marijuana issue is part of a large debate - should the drug be
legal? Some say it can be legalized and sold in stores with a hefty
tax, and bring in more revenue. This approach is being tried in
Washington and Colorado, with some measure of success. The product is
also age-restricted there, which is important as there is research
showing that excessive marijuana use at a young age can affect brain

The issue of where to sell medical marijuana will likely be settled by
the federal election. Anything other than a Conservative majority
government will likely mean a more open approach to marijuana sales.
At the same time, Langley City needs to figure out just how to deal
with street crime, and decide whether or not it is at all related to

The answers are far from clear-cut.
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