Pubdate: Wed, 24 Jun 2015
Source: Barrie Examiner (CN ON)
Copyright: 2015, Barrie Examiner
Author: Gerald Hall
Page: 3


I can only hope the outrage of Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose 
with the Supreme Court of Canada's recent bizarre and irresponsible 
ruling on medical marijuana is echoed across this country.

The unanimous decision expands the definition of medical marijuana 
beyond dried leaves to include cannabis oils, teas, brownies and 
numerous other forms of the drug.

Since when does an unelected group of judges have the right to usurp 
the authority of our Ministry of Health, the only body qualified to 
decide on what is and what is not medicine, and ignore the rigorous 
and proper procedure of scientific research in such an important 
decision affecting the health of millions of Canadians?

The top court in the land has deliberately closed its eyes to the 
fact that cannabis has never been scientifically proven to be a safe medicine.

Of late there have been a rising number of respected columnists who 
have not been shy to justifiably criticize the Supreme Court.

It is high time the blind and slavish adulation of this group of nine 
unelected judges is challenged. The mythical idea that this Court is 
never wrong and beyond criticism is outdated well beyond a safe expiry date.

This is the court that ruled Canada's common-sense prostitution laws 
are unconstitutional. This is the court that out of personal bias and 
good use of ambiguity ruled Justice Marc Nadon to be not qualified to 
sit on the high court.

This is the Court that in its infinite wisdom gave convicted 
criminals one and a half days off their sentence for every day they 
spend in pre-trial custody. This is the compassionate

Court which thoughtlessly ruled to strike down the ban against 
euthanasia in Canada with little or no thought for the fears of our elderly.

So how is it that a court that is supposed to properly interpret and 
enforce laws has such a high opinion of itself that it has taken to 
making laws?

No wonder a columnist wrote recently that the Supreme Court of Canada 
is the greatest threat to our democracy and Parliament.

We can't vote out the top court like we can bad governments, but 
maybe it is time to bring things back into balance with a tool left 
called the notwithstanding clause.

Gerald Hall

Nanoose Bay, BC
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