Pubdate: Sat, 20 Jun 2015
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
Copyright: 2015 PG Publishing Co., Inc.
Author: John Edenhart


I am writing in response to the continuing and futile handwringing 
over tragedies due to illegal drugs.

People are stealing and losing their families and lives over drugs 
bought on the street. They buy drugs from people who don't care or 
are unaware of what they are selling. It could be pure heroin or 
heroin mixed with another substance. Regardless, human nature leads 
some to become dependent on drugs.

In the same sense, people were doing all of the above in relation to 
alcohol and gambling, but the state saw it was a waste of time and 
money to chase bookies and illegal stills, so it joined the game.

We now have state stores to sell alcohol, state-sanctioned casinos 
and a daily state-run lottery, all of which turn money over to the 
state, which in turn goes to productive use.

We should supervise the making, quality and selling of drugs through 
a state store system and eliminate the street vendor and a dead-end 
enforcement policy.

John Edenhart

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