Pubdate: Thu, 18 Jun 2015
Source: Tri-Cities Now, The (CN BC)
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Note: Was Coquitlam Now until Jan 2014
Author: Neil Swanson


I too share the outrage of Health Minister Rona Ambrose concerning 
the Supreme Court allowing marijuana derivatives to be used for 
medical purposes.

This decision was made to accommodate children being prescribed 
medical marijuana. In my way of thinking, if these prepubescent 
potheads can't spark up a doobie like the rest of the potheads, they 
have no right to be using it in the first place.

And everyone seems to be ignoring a glaring side effect of this 
marijuana use by these children. I don't know which U.S. president 
funded it, but a scientific paper that was released in the late '60s 
outlined a serious consequence of marijuana use.

This report was tabled by Prof. Billy Bob Rheddneckt, a teacher's 
assistant/hall monitor at Montford Technical School in Oglethorpe, Ga.

It stated unequivocally that marijuana is a gateway drug and that 
there is a 100-per-cent chance or better that children dabbling with 
marijuana will become heroin addicts.

So what do we see down the road? A whole generation of smack heads 
knocking over gas stations and banks in order to get their daily fix!

This subject is much too serious for me to be joking around, but you 
need a hook to get your point across. Prime Minister Stephen Harper 
makes President Richard Nixon look like a pot smoking dove 
ideologically. This man is a pure hysteric when it comes to marijuana 
- - its uses and laws governing it. And he has absolutely no compassion 
for people, especially the children, whose quality of life has been 
significantly improved by marijuana.

This isn't even anecdotal evidence but literally hundreds of cases 
related by patients and the parents of the younger children.

Harper keeps maintaining that Health Canada hasn't the available 
evidence to show that marijuana is a medically viable alternative to 
pharmaceuticals. And do you know why it doesn't have the evidence? He 
won't fund research because he knows it will completely contradict 
his theories and hypotheses regarding marijuana.

There is an election coming soon. I think this short-sighted autocrat 
has been PM for much too long already.

We need fresh ideas and a modern, rational way of running our 
country. New blood is sorely needed.

Neil Swanson

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