Pubdate: Wed, 17 Jun 2015
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2015 Appeal-Democrat
Author: Martin Vette


Recently, a story featuring Pat McGrath lamented on a new law that 
changed the way law enforcement deals with low level drug users 
("Drug law's unintended consequence  fewer informants," June 10).

I am very happy about these changes. When someone is forced into 
doing further despicable deeds, such as lying, I can see no long term 
benefit to society. Breaking down the moral codes we should live by 
only perpetuates itself - as we can see by the failed "war" on drugs. 
This has created far more corruption at high levels than the supposed 
damage of use.

Real education on the effects of use is the, to me, the only moral 
way to combat this problem. People need to be responsible for their 
own choices. The last 40 years have shown this to be true.

While I have your attention on responsibility: Please, folks, when 
you use our wonderful river areas, to party, fish, swim, pick up your 
trash! It is so disgusting to see kids' lunchables laying out with 
the rest of the garbage. Knowing this is how they are being taught. 
Have some pride, in yourselves, your children, your environment. This 
is where we "all" live.

Martin Vette

Yuba City
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