Pubdate: Thu, 28 May 2015
Source: Rutland Herald (VT)
Copyright: 2015 Rutland Herald
Author: Ronald Grande


The recent letter about a national debate on nicotine may be useful.
Is nicotine itself a carcinogenic? I dona=C2=80=C2=99t know. I do know I 
want to
legalize marijuana for a variety of reasons so making tobacco illegal
seems nonsensical for the same reasons as marijuana prohibition.
Unless, of course, nicotine is a deadly carcinogenic substance.

If you can grow marijuana in Mexico and import it, then you can grow
tobacco in Mexico and import it. The cartels will just be getting
another revenue stream.

 From my very limited experience, I mostly see women using
e-cigarettes, and they puff on them almost constantly. There is a
smell. I was told they deliver less nicotine so you puff more. And
yes, there is a displeasing odor.

A better debate may be on a=C2=80=C2=9Cdrug productiona=C2=80=C2=9D and a
=C2=80=C2=9Crug delivery

Whether it be marijuana or tobacco, the plants should be grown
organically, if possible. Then sold out of a glass container at your
local store where it can be weighed. As a matter of fact, where
recreational marijuana is sold, you could mandate the selling of dried
organic tobacco. The purpose would be to eliminate the harmful
substances to all of nature and make the drug delivery process cleaner
and slower.

Fifteen or more years ago, I did smoke some organic tobacco from
Virginia sold as I have described it a=C2=80" out of a glass container in
shop. It can be done.


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