Pubdate: Thu, 28 May 2015
Source: Sacramento News & Review (CA)
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Author: Ngaio Bealum


High. I was just wondering how our U.S. senators feel about 
marijuana. I haven't heard much.

- -Jeff

I'm glad you asked. And, no, it is not too early to start discussing 
the 2016 election for the Senate. As it stands now, the Democratic 
field has two main challengers, with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez 
recently throwing her hat into the ring against California Attorney 
General Kamala Harris. Although Harris is the favorite, I feel 
Sanchez would be a better choice for cannabis users, and Californians 
in general, since marijuana legalization would be a boon to the 
welfare and economy of the entire state. Sanchez has a history of 
marijuana law reform support: In 2009, she told CNN, "So maybe it 
would be a good pilot program to see how that regulation of marijuana 
might happen in California since the ... majority of Californians 
believe maybe that should happen." Harris has recently shifted her 
stance somewhat; last week, she told the annual Convention of 
California Democrats that, "The war on drugs has failed," and, "Now 
is the time to end the federal ban on marijuana," but she still 
giggles every time she mentions marijuana, like she can't believe 
what she just said. Either one would be better than Senator Dianne 
Feinstein though. When does she retire? She hates weed.

I would love to tell my California representative to support medical 
marijuana. Is there a way I can do that?

- -Alley Oop

Yes! Americans for Safe Access are hosting a two-day lobbying event 
in Sacramento from Sunday, June 14 to Monday, June 15. There will be 
training, education and direct lobbying of elected representatives by 
concerned citizens. It is my understanding that there are 13 bills 
dealing with medical marijuana scurrying around the Capitol, so you 
may want to learn about what's going on. You can get more info here:

I saw a documentary once on a dispensary called WHAM, or something 
like that? Can you tell me more about them?

- -Monty Ray

WAMM is hella cool. The Wo/men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana is 
one of the oldest and most compassionate medical cannabis 
dispensaries in the state. They have been around for more than 20 
years, and they work mainly with the terminally ill. Oh, and they are 
pretty good at activism and garnering community support. They got 
raided by the feds in 2002, and two weeks later, the mayor of Santa 
Cruz and several other city officials stood on the steps of City Hall 
and handed out medical cannabis to WAMM's patients. It was glorious. 
The work they do is inspirational and amazing. The video you mention 
is called La Vie en Verte: The WAMM Movie, and it will make you want 
to start a commune. To learn more, check out

P.S. WAMM is trying to raise some money because they need to start 
paying rent on their garden. You can make a donation here: save-wamm-the-gold-standard-cannabis-collective.
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