Pubdate: Sun, 24 May 2015
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2015 Appeal-Democrat


SAN RAFAEL (TNS) - An ordinance allowing up to three not-for-profit 
medical marijuana facilities in Marin's unincorporated areas is under 
consideration by county officials, but it imposes so much red tape 
that only those who could comply with rigorous restrictions would qualify.

A top Marin medical marijuana attorney called the tentative proposal 
a step in the right direction, but several entrepreneurs in the 
medical marijuana "delivery" business called it far too restrictive.

"This is just the county's way of doing nothing," because no one 
would be able to qualify, a San Rafael marijuana purveyor said, 
speaking on condition his name not be used.

Supervisor Damon Connolly said "the timing is right" and past due for 
such an ordinance, noting 20 years after California voters approved 
it, "we still do not have the tools in Marin County to ensure that 
medical marijuana is distributed responsibly."

Connolly said the measure is similar to others across the state and 
is "intentionally strict, and is designed to provide the county all 
the tools needed to select the best operator and provide the safest 
access to patients, while ensuring minimal impact on neighboring communities."

He said, "We know of many who are interested in applying for a license."

A "talking points" memo circulated by the county to bring various 
officials up to speed on the proposal reports: "Currently there is no 
city or county location where a dispensary could legally exist in 
Marin County, although state law was passed in 1996 that allows local 
jurisdictions to provide for locations for medical marijuana 
collectives and dispensaries."

Although a number of delivery services with names such as "Better 
Buds," "Golden State Flower House," "Tam Coalition," "Remedies" and 
"Delta II Delivery" operate under the radar in the county, retail 
dispensaries were shut down several years ago by local authorities 
or, in the case of the pioneering Marin Alliance for Medical 
Marijuana, forced to close by federal agencies including the IRS.
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