Pubdate: Mon, 18 May 2015
Source: Lincoln Journal Star (NE)
Copyright: 2015 Lincoln Journal Star
Author: Jim Tetherow


Here's a news flash for you, Gov. Ricketts: Alcohol is a dangerous 
drug, nicotine is a dangerous drug, caffeine is a dangerous drug, 
aspirin is a dangerous drug ("Governor signals his position on 
medical marijuana," April 28). How many of these drugs do you and 
billions of others use?

The three medications prescribed for my blood pressure by my primary 
care physician and my cardiologist cause swelling to the point where 
I can't flex my toes and, some days, I can't get my shoes on. I must 
use a walker to get around, even room to room in my home. Medical 
marijuana does not cause feet to swell.

The hydrocodone and oxycodone my orthopedic surgeon is free to 
prescribe for my excruciatingly chronic back pain are dangerous and 
highly addictive opiates.

All three of these doctors have affirmed to me that they would prefer 
to prescribe medical marijuana.

Here's a question, Gov. Ricketts: Why are so many turning to the 
synthetic marijuana product K2 for recreation and overdosing on it? 
Here's an answer: Because they can't get the real thing, which is 
impossible to overdose on.

Governor, if you and other elected officials are truly concerned 
about public health, you must accept the medical fact that medical 
marijuana would help thousands of Nebraskans who have few other 
options. If you and other elected officials are concerned about the 
dangers of K2, you must accept the reality that if people had access 
to the real thing for recreation, K2 would disappear almost overnight.

It is past time for everyone to get over their ignorant paranoia 
about marijuana. It lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation, 
increases appetite and eases pain. It makes you happier and 
non-aggressive. So, please tell me, Gov. Ricketts, what the heck is 
so dangerous about any of that?

Jim Tetherow, Lincoln
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