Pubdate: Sun, 17 May 2015
Source: Baltimore Sun (MD)
Copyright: 2015 The Baltimore Sun Company
Author: Susan Wolf Dudley


During the Baltimore riots, I was traveling in Europe. Usually when 
people from other countries and states ask where I'm from, I get a 
blank stare and then I reply that it's near Washington, D.C. No 
explanation was required this time - Baltimore was worldwide front 
page news ("Business damage from Baltimore riot estimated at $9M," May 13).

However, the reports made it sound like we were living in a police 
state and black people were being gunned down in the streets by 
out-of-control policemen and military men shooting from large armored vehicles.

The truth of what's happening in our cities is obvious. There's a war 
going on - the war on drugs. Innocent and guilty people on the 
streets and in their homes are being killed. Policemen are working in 
a battle zone and should be getting hazardous duty pay.

By now, our government should admit we've lost the stupid, useless 
war. Why didn't we learn from Prohibition? Decriminalize drugs and 
put the thugs out of business.

If alcohol and tobacco were illegal, do you think citizens would 
willingly stop purchasing and using those substances? And please, 
please, don't even think about making it illegal to buy candy bars 
that contain sugar and chocolate.

While in Spain, I learned that most of those incarcerated were guilty 
of dealing drugs. The global war on drugs is creating problems 
everywhere. The time has come to declare a truce, end this violent 
conflict and grant amnesty to the non-violent criminals in our jails 
on drug charges.

Susan Wolf Dudley, Baltimore
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