Pubdate: Wed, 13 May 2015
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2015 Appeal-Democrat
Author: Rick Reiss


In an effort to curtail the marijuana abuse by growers, and the 
so-called medical marijuana patients of Yuba County, the Board of 
Supervisors voted to restrict marijuana grows in the county.

While attending the supervisors' meetings and observing the growers 
give public input, many of the growers were insulting, abusive, 
threatening and exhibited a complete lack of respect for the Board of 
Supervisors. They even went to the extent of calling the board a death squad.

The new marijuana ordinance allows medical marijuana users to grow a 
limited number of plants to serve their personal needs. If the 
patients cannot afford to meet the requirements of the ordinance, 
they also have access to many marijuana dispensaries in the Sacramento area.

We must support the board to protect our children, our environment 
and especially our community. The marijuana users will claim other 
communities have experienced a reduction of crime in states like 
Colorado and Oregon, where marijuana has been legalized. This claim 
is false and misleading.

Soon the marijuana community will be asking the District 1 residents 
to sign a recall petition in an attempt to oust Supervisor Andy 
Vasquez, if you care about your community you will be well served by 
not signing that petition.

Historically, drugs have attracted the worst of society and have 
destroyed many good communities; don't let that happen to ours. 
Recently, a local individual was murdered because of marijuana use 
and trafficking.

The violence and criminal activity in our communities will not be 
totally stopped by the new ordinance, but it will definitely limit 
access and abuse.

Support your board of supervisors and stop the recall efforts of 
Supervisor Andy Vasquez.

Rick Reiss

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