Pubdate: Thu, 07 May 2015
Source: Trentonian, The (NJ)
Column: Passing the Joint
Copyright: 2015 The Trentonian
Author: Edward Forchion, For The Trentonian


I am a peaceful, proud, patriotic pothead. As such, I relish the 
rights afforded to all Americans by the Bill of Rights, especially 
the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and political 
expression. As a patriot I feel it's my duty to express my opinion on 
things my government does, whether it's popular or not. This is what 
I've always believed as I openly spoke out against our nation's war on drugs.

Because of Mike Huckabee's presidential announcement, this column is 
dedicated to exercising my free speech rights again by voicing my 
opposition to America's daily bombing of the Middle East's Muslim 
populations. Which we've done for decades now, in the name of the 
goodness Huckabee-like Americans think we dole out. This is the real 
reason some of them want to attack us or bomb us back as Osama bin 
Laden did - not because they're jealous of our freedoms, as that 
self-righteous idiot from Texas claimed.

What a scary thought: President Huckabee. In his announcement speech 
he said current President Barack Obama "can't watch a Western movie 
from the '50s and figure out who the bad guys are." I bet he could, 
but Huckabee wouldn't like his answer. FYI, 1950s Westerns glorified 
the genocide of Native Americans. Likewise, Huckabee glorifies the 
genocide of native Middle Easterners as good rhetoric in his quest to 
support the European colony of Israel. Is Israel the 51st, and most 
important, state? Listening to Huckabee, it sure sounds like it. My 
choice would be Puerto Rico, which by the way just legalized marijuana.

Half of Huckabee's speech was dedicated to the "war on terror." We 
call it that, but in reality it's a half-century Christian Crusade by 
our nation's leaders to force Middle Eastern Muslims to accept 
Western philosophies, customs, and political forms of government such 
as democracy with F-16s and drone missiles. They aren't over here 
imposing Sharia law, as Huckabee claims; we traveled 6,000 miles to 
impose our form of government on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other 
countries we undermine like Iran. We justify our bombing by calling 
anyone opposed to our crusade a terrorist.

Americans who only get their info from the government boob tube (TV 
networks) think the "war on terror" started on 9/11/2001. Ironically, 
that was while I was in Riverfront Prison, imprisoned for a plant our 
Christian do-gooder leaders deem evil, like Muslim leaders deem alcohol evil.

Totally not so - it started in 1948.

Our war on Muslims really began when we imposed the creation of 
Israel on top of Palestine. Talk about taxation without 
representation: The Palestinians of the last half-century have been 
treated like the Native Americans depicted in the 50s Western movies 
Huckabee referred to. Palestinians were treated the same: In 1948 a 
European colony (Jews) was imposed on them via UN mandate; the 
Europeans took the land using laws they created to justify their 
action (similar to British kings' land grants in the 1600s).

That was the beginning of our unpalatable Middle East diplomacy, 
which spread hatred of the West throughout the region. To these 
people we are the Evil Empire, and Huckabee proudly boasts his 
intention to wage war for Isreal.

When the USA, England, and France created Israel via United Nations 
Resolution 181, the Palestinians had no say as their land was grabbed 
from those fleeing the 1948 war. (I call this the only successful 
Christian Crusade.) They've been fighting to get it back ever since - 
the right of return. Once it was just the PLO; now there's the 
elected government of Hamas, but we hypocritically don't recognize 
Muslim democracy-again, we call them terrorists.

As a kid in the '70s I remember watching news footage of U.S.-made 
F-4 fighter-bombers bombing Palestinian and other Middle Eastern 
targets. Last summer we all watched as apartheid Israeli soldiers, 
again using our weapons, bombed the Palestinian ghetto of Gaza. Our 
weapons have been assaulting the Middle East since the 1940s, 
hundreds if not thousands of times a year.

Three weeks ago was the two-year anniversary of the Boston bombing. 
"Boston Strong" has become our battle cry - for this one bombing! 
Imagine being from a Muslim country that we bomb dozens of Muslim 
neighborhoods in the Middle East and Asia daily, we kill multiple 
thousands of Muslims.

Last weekend some Muslim men from Arizona attempted to attack an 
offensive "cartoon contest of Muhammad" put on by Christian 
antagonists in Garland, Texas. I believe they, like the idiots at 
Charlie Hedbo, got the reaction they sought. Now they have more 
Christian propaganda to spew - it costs a couple lives. The Huckabee 
crowd is salivating about that.

As a kid I identified the word "propaganda" as a method other 
governments use to indoctrinate their people. As an adult, I know it 
happens here too. Our government does it, our media does it-under the 
guidance of government officials, I believe. Most of the mainstream 
media engages in it; FoxNews (Huckabee) is the leader of 
disinformation and spin, especially in its demonization of Islam, its 
followers, and anything not white.

For example: The current portrayal of the fight in Yemen

We constantly undermine Middle Eastern governments; now we caused a 
civil war in Yemen, and we call the rightful government forces 
"rebels." They are Houthis, and their forces compelled our puppet, 
President Hadi, to flee. The Houthis are winning, so our media 
disparages them by calling them rebels; through deceptive media 
tactics they are made out to be terrorists and ISIL members. In 
reality, both Hadi and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh (Houthi) 
are opposed by Al-Qaeda, which has staged numerous deadly attacks 
from its strongholds against them both. They opposed Saddam Hussein 
too, but a certain born-again Texan fixed that in 2003.

We've now deployed aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to the 
Gulf of Aden to prevent the Houthis from being resupplied by the 
Iranians. Isn't that how the Gulf of Tonkin incident (didn't) happen? 
Hopefully we won't have any Stockdales claiming they were being fired upon.

Thanks to our government-and-media misinformation (propaganda), most 
Americans don't realize ISIL largely consists of "Baathists," former 
Iraqi army soldiers. Sure, there are a few thousand European 
mercenaries (idealist Muslim kids mostly) who've joined the fight to 
liberate Iraq from the government created by the Evil Empire, but 
they are the minority. However, our media uses such instances to scare us.

This is reminiscent of Viet Cong freedom fighters (we called them 
terrorists too) retaking South Vietnam from our installed puppet 
government in 1974 after we removed our troops in 1972.
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