Pubdate: Tue, 21 Apr 2015
Source: Western Star, The (CN NF)
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Yes, the crime was always here. The murders, the forcible confinement,
the drugs, the abductions. But can anyone really argue the frequency
hasn't changed? That we, as a province, are not seeing more of it more

Over the weekend in St. John's there was a six hour standoff with
police. Jason Power, a 40-year-old Newfoundland man, is being accused
of a few charges as a result, including having a knife for a purpose
dangerous to the public peace, threatening to cause death or bodily
harm to a member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and breaching
his probation.

According to media reports, Winchester Street, where he lived, was
riddled with emergency vehicles, including a Rovers Search and Rescue
unit. Before officers finally were able to apprehend him, he could be
heard by neighbours shouting at police. Police said he was armed.

A few days earlier, in Corner Brook, seven teenagers were arrested for
drug-related crimes. The first was a check of the vehicle that led to
the arrest of four male teenagers, one 18 and three 17. There were
charged with possession of marijuana. In another, two 19-year-olds
were allegedly found with a small quantity of marijuana. And the third
involved a 19-year-old who was arrested for possession of hash oil and
having cocaine.

Yes, most were "gateway" drugs and the charges weren't for
"trafficking," but possession. But seven teenagers? In one day?

Drugs have been peddled locally as long as the roads have been paved.
And even before then. There's no burying our heads to deny that.
However, the drugs on our streets seems to have become so commonplace
we're now desensitized to it.

There's no telling how many arrests that took or how many arrests of
"more serious" crimes that helped our complacency towards this, but
the societal reaction has certainly changed.

This is not a change for the better, nor is it a change we will see
reversed. Crime is here to stay.

All we can do now is curb its growth by being less tolerant and more
forthcoming with information to help authorities - and abiding by the
law in the process, of course.
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