Pubdate: Mon, 20 Apr 2015
Source: Queensland Times, The (Australia)
Copyright: 2015 APN News & Media Ltd
Author: Andrew Korner
Page: 20


THERE was interesting feedback on Saturday's front page story
regarding the large haul of cannabis allegedly pulled from a property
in Coominya.

A good percentage of readers seem to be of the opinion that this
investigation was a waste of police resources, and that time and money
would be better spent on tackling the ice scourge.

When it comes to ice and the effect it has on people, I have to say
that I hope police are putting as many resources as they can into
catching those involved in producing and selling it.

Ice is an ugly drug. Highly addictive, soul destroying and of no real
benefit to anyone except those who seek to make money from it.

You wouldn't be sticking your neck out to say that the sooner it is
eradicated from society, the better.

When it comes to marijuana, the picture isn't so black and

There are some legitimate arguments for the legalised use of this
naturally produced "drug", especially when it comes to treating people
with serious illnesses.

On the other hand, I don't think there's any point in pretending that
marijuana can't be abused. For some of those who abuse it, the
psychological effects can be life-long. I would suggest that growing
marijuana in huge quantities, as is alleged to have occurred at
Coominya recently, is not done with a view to aiding some kind of
humanitarian medical effort.

- - Andrew Korner
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