Pubdate: Sun, 29 Mar 2015
Source: Baltimore Sun (MD)
Copyright: 2015 The Baltimore Sun Company
Author: Kathleen Feeley


Kudos to reporter Jean Marbella for excellent writing that gave a 
human face to the scourge of heroin addiction in Baltimore 
("Baltimore County family struggles with impact of heroin's grip," March 21).

I applaud The Sun for giving prime space to a timely feature story 
that could influence Marylanders to become more conscious of the 
depth of this problem and more resolved to mitigate it.

For several weeks, we have read current facts and statistics about 
heroin abuse. Your feature story has the potential to inspire 
concerted action from state and city leaders, corrections officials, 
business executives and the leaders of religious, educational, social 
welfare and neighborhood leaders across the region. We need a 
"full-court press" on this problem.

The battle will take every weapon in our arsenal, including strong 
laws and diligent law enforcement; drug education on all levels; 
nonjudgmental, humane counseling; opportunities for spiritual growth 
to strengthen trust in God; and recognition of the innate goodness 
and dignity of each human being.

Everyone can contribute: notice what's going on; pay attention; reach 
out with compassion; offer tools to build an alternative life, The 
list could go on and on. Our cumulative action can shrink the heroin 
problem, person by person.

Kathleen Feeley, Baltimore The writer is a former president of 
College of Notre Dame of Maryland.
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