Pubdate: Sat, 07 Mar 2015
Source: Jakarta Post (Indonesia)
Copyright: The Jakarta Post
Author: Resi Adiyasa


Life sentences for drug convicts have proven to be ineffective in 
Indonesia. After many years of delaying the execution of drug 
convicts - the execution of Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew 
Chan has been postponed for almost a decade - drug trafficking still lingers.

Life sentences never prevent drug traffickers from continuing their 
businesses. The case of the Nusakambangan prisoners Sartoni and 
Sutrisno was an obvious example that drug trafficking gets worse day 
after day. It is strange that they could manage such prohibited 
businesses from the prison.

Today, millions of drug victims stay in hospitals across the country 
for treatment while tens of them die every day. Indonesia's 
declaration of a war against drugs and the issuance of its emergency 
status is a reasonable reaction, as Indonesia is still a haven for 
drug traffickers.

Six drug convicts were executed last January and another 10 are about 
to face the firing squad.

Although opposition from foreign leaders arises against this tough 
stance along with demands that Indonesia abolish capital punishment, 
many Indonesians and their government believe that the international 
community should respect Indonesia's sovereignty, law and legal system.

The leaders from Brazil, Australia, France, the Netherlands and the 
Philippines are too experienced to be taught a lesson on national 
sovereignty, politics and law. But law is often made thoroughly and 
based on the history, sociology and philosophy or religion of the 
nation. Law is final. Law prevailing in Indonesia is always made in Indonesia.

Have outsiders once conducted research on the condition of Indonesia? 
Have they realized that most drug victims are youth whose parents 
are, if not desperately poor, ordinary people? Who provides them with 
basic needs and children's school fees?

No matter how experienced foreign parliaments are, they are unable to 
make law for Indonesia. Outsiders know a little about Indonesia from 
their media. It is unfair that the media focuses intensively on 
Nusakambangan and the executions there.

Drugs, along with terrorism and corruption, are the people's main 
enemies; thus, death penalties related to such issues is not only in 
line with prevailing laws but also many people's opinions and 
aspirations. The Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Budiono administration 
fulfilled its obligation to the people by executing the terrorists.

But the Yudoyono-Budiono administration failed to execute drug 
dealers or smugglers. The execution of drug convicts has been delayed 
for many years and it is now the the responsibility of the Jokowi-JK 
administration to finish things off.

Resi Adiyasa

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