Pubdate: Fri, 27 Feb 2015
Source: Alaska Dispatch News (AK)
Copyright: 2015 Alaska Dispatch Publishing
Note: Anchorage Daily News until July '14
Author: Daniel N. Russell


The problem with making alcohol, THC, etc. verboten to people under 
21 or even 18 years old is that it causes our youths to obtain these 
goods illegally, consume them in secret, and abuse them irresponsibly 
to excess. In Argentina, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, and every 
other country in which I have lived, children are given half a glass 
of wine or beer with meals under supervision by their parents. In 
this way they learn how to enjoy alcohol responsibly with moderation, 
and they do not have the huge social addiction problems that Alaska 
has. Many Alaska villages have made their social addiction problems 
even worse by creating dry districts where alcohol is not allowed to 
be sold at all. We call all see the results of that mistake on the 
streets and shelters in all of our cities in Alaska. Think of how 
much money and how many lives go to waste due to our ignorance.

Please educate our legislators on the need to modernize our alcohol 
and marijuana laws to allow our youths to learn to enjoy these 
recreational goods responsibly with moderation, under the strict 
supervision of their parents or guardians. Let's get in step with the 
rest of the civilized world and reap the benefits of their wisdom.

- - Daniel N. Russell

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