Pubdate: Thu, 26 Feb 2015
Source: Alaska Dispatch News (AK)
Copyright: 2015 Alaska Dispatch Publishing
Note: Anchorage Daily News until July '14
Author: Alyse Galvin


When did the Alaska Dispatch News become High Times? I am concerned 
with the ADN's approach to capturing readers by inundating us with 
"how-to" stories about cannabis/marijuana use, without having 
coverage that also articulates the concerns of medical care providers 
about excessive use of marijuana among youth.

Thanks to the ADN, we do know a lot about how to grow pot, how to 
travel with pot, new pot stores popping up and shutting down, police 
dogs getting untrained to detect pot, rules for consuming pot in 
apartments and on the sidewalk, and everything else to ease your mind 
about your pot use.

Young people reading the headlines today might get the impression 
that not only is it a super popular subject to read about and engage 
in, but it is also perfectly healthy. I would appreciate a few good 
stories written by a strong journalist about the ramifications to our 
youth if engaging in excessive marijuana use. It would be helpful for 
them to know that there have been longitudinal studies showing health 
and intelligence issues arising with regular marijuana use among 
young people. There are negative implications that will affect 
individuals and the entire community such as lowering IQ, lowering 
drive to get things done, and hurtful/reckless choices made while 
under the influence.

It may be worth noting that while high schools have excellent 
programs educating our youth about excessive drinking and driving, 
there is NO program out there for pot use, despite the recent study 
on youth behavior that showed a large increase in pot usage among 
younger students each year. Changing laws are an important thing for 
ADN to cover, and I appreciate that. Now how about helping our 
community be better educated, resilient and strong?

Alaska has legalized marijuana because we believe in liberty and 
freedom, but with that comes the responsibility and need to 
understand the ramification of your actions. ADN plays a vital role 
on our community to inform its readers on the negative impacts of 
poor lifestyle choices.

- - Alyse Galvin

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