Pubdate: Sun, 22 Feb 2015
Source: Journal Standard, The (Freeport, IL)
Copyright: 2015 GateHouse Media, Inc.
Author: Kirk Muse


I am writing about the not-so-thoughtful Feb. 8 letter from Robert F. 
Becker: "Marijuana is not the answer to our problems."

Marijuana is certainly the answer for my chronic pain, which is 
caused by my spinal stenosis and spinal scoliosis.

Two of the medications prescribed by my doctor, Meloxicam and 
Linsospril, and used as prescribed almost killed me by destroying my 
kidneys. My bloodwork number, which is supposed to be greater than 
61, was down to 17. If that number had gotten down to 15, I probably 
would have died from kidney failure.

All medications have side effects. Marijuana is not really a drug but 
rather a plant and natural herb - a natural herb that has never 
killed anyone in the 6,000-year history of its use.

Kirk Muse, former Freeport resident
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