Pubdate: Thu, 19 Feb 2015
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
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Author: David Larkins
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A judge has reserved sentencing in a marijuana grow-op case involving 
a Winnipeg man who used his time in court Wednesday to admonish the 
government and reject the usage of his own name.

Scott David Peters, who was convicted by a jury last month for 
operating an illegal marijuana operation out of a residence on Boyd 
Avenue, will now learn his fate from Judge Robert Dewar on Feb. 26.

Peters, who is representing himself, was in court Wednesday and spoke 
of Hilary Clinton, ISIS and slavery while holding a white flag he 
said represented not surrender, but an indication he comes in peace.

He's a part of the "freeman of the land" movement, which argues laws 
are only contractual for people who buy in to society. Peters did not 
dispute control of the grow-op, claiming he smokes marijuana to treat 
his dystonia, a neurological condition.

"In the end I have caused no harm," he said, "and I wish to be set free."

The Crown is seeking a jail sentence of four to six months.

"If I make a sentence too easy, that serves as an encouragement to 
others to commit the same offence," Dewar said in addressing Peters, 
who repeatedly declined to answer questions from the judge.

Peters called the government "financial pirates" intent on seizing 
citizens' property.

"This is interference on an individual's right to self-govern, which 
is the definition of terrorism," he said.

Peters, however, seemed far from agitated with the case against him.

"This has been fun and I have learned much," he told Dewar.

Peters was convicted of one count of marijuana production on Jan. 20 
after police seized 58 plants from his home in April 2012. In his 
closing address to jurors at the time, Peters argued the court had no 
jurisdiction to prosecute him.
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