Pubdate: Mon, 16 Feb 2015
Source: Daily Record (UK)
Copyright: 2015 Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd.
Author: Lynn Jolly


A FORMER Government drugs tsar says cannabis and ecstasy should be 
used to treat patients battling cancer and depression.

Professor David Nutt claimed that banning certain drugs is depriving 
patients and doctors of "extremely useful" therapies for chronic pain 
and illnesses.

Nutt, who was fired by the Government in 2009 for claiming 
horse-riding is more dangerous than ecstasy, also said there may be 
therapeutic benefits in legal highs.

The psychiatrist added: "Let the doctors decide which drugs are 
harmful, not the politician."

Nutt said Scotland could lead a "new neuroscientific enlightenment" 
by using illegal drugs including psychedelics and MDMA.

He said: "Scotland has consistently led the world in science.

"My call for a neuroscience enlightenment resonates with this grand 
tradition of free thinking and could lead to much improved healthcare 
developments in Scotland using new treatments such as cannabis, 
psychedelics, MDMA and related compounds."
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