Pubdate: Sun, 15 Feb 2015
Source: Herald, The (Everett, WA)
Copyright: 2015 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Jim Tagart


We should support comments by Washington state Attorney General Bob 
Ferguson agreeing with recent court decisions that cities, towns and 
some areas of counties have the right to ban the sale and some 
processing of recreational marijuana.

We now are seeing some of the negative effects of recreational 
marijuana in our communities. Since the passage of I-502 there is 
evidence of brain damage to our young, damage to their immune 
systems, damage to their reaction and judgmental decisions that 
effect their daily life, more involvement by police in marijuana 
incidents, particularly in fatal and injury traffic accidents and 
explosions from manufacturing hash oil that have killed people and 
caused property damage.

Many school districts now experience an increase in student marijuana 
incidents that also include emergency admits for overdoses of edible 
marijuana products. The only issue that is concerning the marijuana 
advocates is they are losing money while they have assaulted the 
medical marijuana industry and created a marijuana black market which 
is completely out of control.

The recreational marijuana advocates are well organized and on their 
way to influence your state legislators and local politicians to 
change the laws that were created by I-502 to take their power away 
and not allow them to prohibit activity that under any person's 
common sense are a disaster to our community's health and safety. 
Please support politicians who will stand up and not change the laws 
to prohibit certain communities to become involved in the detrimental 
recreational marijuana industry.

Jim Tagart

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