Pubdate: Sun, 08 Feb 2015
Source: Oakland Press, The (MI)
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Author: Carol Hopkins
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Peter Trzos submits proposals to city government

A Keego Harbor resident is working to change the city's charter with
two new ballot proposals.

One involves setting limits for how long a city council member can
serve on the council and the other decriminalizes marijuana.

The man behind the proposals, Peter Trzos, 33, said his goal in coming
up with the proposals is two-fold.

"I want to get good laws passed and to get a name for myself as a
positive activist," he said.

Currently there is no limitation for how many times a council member
can serve. Trzos would like to limit the service to two three-year
terms - or a total of six years.

Trzos said his father Phil Trzos ran recently for a seat on the
five-member city council in Keego, a community of approximately 3,000.
Phil was defeated.

Peter Trzos made news in early 2013 when he was arrested for having a
medical marijuana dispensary in Holly.

The proposals, he said, aren't about that incident.

The term limits measure allows "everybody a chance to serve," said

"It prevents corruption. It give new people and ideas a

Trzos turned in petitions to the city clerk's office Jan. 26 with 157

"That is more than enough to require the measure be placed on the city
ballot," said Trzos.

"Term limits allow more people to get involved in their government
while providing a safeguard against corrupt elected officials," said
Trzos, after submitting the petitions.

Tom Ryan, the Keego Harbor city attorney, said both the term limits
proposal and the marijuana proposal will appear on the November
ballot, if the wording is approved.

Trzos said, "We need term limits at all levels of government so
politicians are forced to do the right thing, knowing they'll have to
live in the world they've created for the rest of us."

The charter amendment makes its way to the ballot through a
citizen-initiated petition signed by five percent of the city's
registered voters - or about 100 voters in Keego Harbor's case.

The clerk's office has 45 days to check the validity of the
signatures, determining whether they are registered voters in Keego

Marijuana proposal

Trzos has also prepared a marijuana proposal and submitted that to the

Trzos' decriminalization proposal would amend the city charter to say
that city ordinances will not apply to the use or transfer of one
ounce or less of marijuana by people 21 and older.

The submitted wording is, "Nothing in the Code of Ordinances shall
apply to the use, possession or transfer of 1 ounce or less of
marijuana, on private property not used by the public, or
transportation of 1 ounce or less of marijuana, by a person who has
attained the age of 21 years."

Trzos said the measure is to "prevent local government from passing
stricter marijuana laws than the state has."

Last Nov. 4, voters adopted the same measure in Berkley, Huntington
Woods, Mt. Pleasant, Pleasant Ridge, Port Huron, and Saginaw. Last
August, voters in Oak Park and Hazel Park adopted similar measures.
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