Pubdate: Sun, 08 Feb 2015
Source: Argus, The (UK)
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Fearful residents at a council-owned block of flats found a used 
crack pipe at the bottom of their stairwell.

The homemade pipe was found at Warwick Mount in Montague Street, 
Brighton, last week.

The discovery is one of a number of incidents at the building that 
has left locals feeling concerned for their safety.

They include the death of a man who was stabbed in the heart on 
Christmas morning.

Last month a man jumped from the eleventh floor of the block to his death.

One resident told The Argus he felt the council had "given up" trying 
to clean the building up from drug users and dealers.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: "I just feel like the 
council has given up. They let them get on with it.

"The other week a woman jumped from her second floor balcony because 
she was being chased by dealers.

"There are families here, some with young kids. It's not on."

Rachel Chasseaud, head of tenancy services at Brighton and Hove City 
Council, said the authority had met residents following "unrelated 
but "upsetting" incidents.

She said: "We've increased our visible presence to help improve 
security, and we are working with the police to try and resolve these issues.

"We have a zero-tolerance policy on drug dealing from council homes, 
and take action. "However we need hard evidence and the legal process 
can be lengthy. Any residents witnessing drug dealing should contact 
the police quickly."

Inspector Brian McCarthy, of Sussex Police, said the force had not 
been made aware of the crack pipe discovery - but he was aware of the 
concerns of Warwick Mount residents.

He said: "I met with them earlier this month to discuss those concerns.

"Brighton and Hove City Council representatives also attended and it 
was agreed that there would be further security measures and security 
patrols. The council is in the process of fitting new doors to 
improve security.

"The local neighbourhood policing team do conduct regular sweeps to 
deal with rough sleepers and the council's cleaning teams are also active.

"We have advised residents to let us know about incidents and I would 
urge them to call in or speak to our officers."
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