Pubdate: Sun, 08 Feb 2015
Source: New York Post (NY)
Copyright: 2015 N.Y.P. Holdings, Inc.
Author: Bill Lipton


In Michael Goodwin's recent column, "Sheldon Silver's Downfall 
Exposes Corruption in Albany," (Jan. 27), he hides behind an 
anonymous source to invent a bizarre alternate reality in which 
Albany County DA David Soares was elected in 2004 as part of a scheme 
to protect Albany insiders from scrutiny. It's untrue and 
self-serving for Goodwin to say so.

The Working Families Party helped David Soares win his 
come-from-behind victory by telling the truth about the harmful 
Rockefeller drug laws and the wrong-headed and destructive "War on 
Drugs" attitude of the incumbent, who supported them. That's the 
message Albany County voters were sending, and indeed the message was 
heard: Six weeks later, the Legislature approved the first reforms of 
the drug laws since they were implemented.

Bill Lipton, Director, Working Families Party, Brooklyn
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