Pubdate: Mon, 19 Jan 2015
Source: Capital Press (OR)
Copyright: 2015 Capital Press Agriculture Weekly
Author: Eric Mortenson


Oregon's upcoming legalization of marijuana has an academic aspect to

Talk about higher education. Oregon State University - once known as
"Oregon Straight" compared to the supposedly hipper school 40 miles
south - is offering a marijuana policy class this winter.

About 50 students are enrolled in "Marijuana Policy in the 21st
Century," a sociology course developed by Seth Crawford, an instructor
in the School of Public Policy within the College of Liberal Arts.

Students will produce a collectively-authored paper of their
recommendations on how marijuana should be produced, sold and
distributed when recreational pot use, possession and cultivation
becomes legal in Oregon July 1.

Oregon voters approved a measure in November that legalized possession
and sale of pot and pot products, and allows people to grow limited
amounts of marijuana as well. The class recommendations will go to the
Oregon Health Authority and to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission,
which will set the state's pot rules.

Crawford, the instructor, is considered an expert on policies and the
marijuana market structure in Oregon. He's a member of the state's
Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana.

In a news release, Crawford said students "will be working with
policymakers and stakeholders to help answer some of the biggest
questions facing the state following the passage of Measure 91."

No word yet on whether OSU's Crop Science experts will be involved.
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