Pubdate: Sun, 18 Jan 2015
Source: Casper Star-Tribune (WY)
Copyright: 2015 Lee Enterprises
Author: Frances Murphy



We should just legalize it, harvest some of the millions in tax 
revenue, like Colorado. At the very least, we should green-light 
medical marijuana. Show the rest of the country that we have joined 
this century.

But we won't. The session is too short for anything significant to be 
done on this issue; two, maybe three committees would have to study 
it, several million dollars spent compiling reports no one will ever 
read and lots of angry letters to the editor from people who don't 
want Wyoming to be a "druggie state," etc., etc.

Meanwhile, we'll continue arresting and confining people, at a huge 
cost to the taxpayers. If we lock up enough people we might start to 
look good to one of those private prison corporations, though. 
There's a way to diversify our economy and drive wages further into the ground.

Our elected officials are much more inclined to waste money on 
lawsuits and other foolishness than to try and actually do something 
for the citizens.

Frances Murphy, Diamondville
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