Pubdate: Sun, 18 Jan 2015
Source: Casper Star-Tribune (WY)
Copyright: 2015 Lee Enterprises
Author: Bethany Sondeno



I fully support the legalization of marijuana in Wyoming for both 
medical and recreational purposes. I see absolutely no reason for it 
to be illegal in the first place. There are numerous studies showing 
little to no long-term harm to users. Even more exciting than that, 
there are numerous studies showing that use of cannabis can have some 
very significant positive health benefits and can fight fatal 
illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Most people I know 
could benefit from the use of cannabis in one way or another either 
as a defense against major medical problems, relief from daily 
ailments such as chronic pain or digestive disorders, or simply as a 
means of stress relief. I believe it to be much more effective, 
versatile and safe than many of the drugs and treatments currently 
prescribed by doctors.

Still, there is a stigma attached to marijuana use, which I hope to 
see lessen and disappear in my lifetime. By my observation, people 
that use marijuana are no more irresponsible, reckless, lazy or 
threatening than the general population. I know many users that are 
upstanding citizens who contribute to their communities, have 
families, go to church and participate in all the activities 
considered by society to be "normal." And many others that would like 
to use it and would benefit greatly from doing so, but are kept from 
it because it is illegal.

It is mind-boggling that marijuana is illegal in a system where 
alcohol is. Alcohol has been shown to be far more habit-forming, 
detrimental to personal health, and threatening to human life and 
society than marijuana. I've been around plenty of drunken people and 
plenty of high people. I would choose to be around those that have 
been smoking marijuana every time over those that have had too much to drink.

I support legalization for the reasons above and others and believe 
it would be beneficial for our state. It could bring more tax revenue 
and jobs to the state. And it would free up law enforcement resources 
for other, more worthwhile purposes.

Bethany Sondeno, Cody
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