Pubdate: Fri, 16 Jan 2015
Source: Daily Telegraph (UK)
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Author: David Barrett
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On-The-Spot Saliva Test for Cannabis and Cocaine Use Approved for Use by Police

Police will be able to test drivers for drugs on the roadside after 
the first mobile checking device was approved.

The "Drugwipe" can trace cocaine and cannabis in a saliva sample 
within three minutes. Drivers will be tested on the spot, rather than 
at a police station, meaning convictions are likely to soar as the 
device is increasingly adopted by forces. Mike Penning, the police 
minister, said chief constables would now be able to roll out the 
Securetec DrugWipe 3S after the technology was rubber-stamped by Home 
Office scientists. "Drug drivers are a deadly menace and must be 
stopped," said Mr Penning. "Those who get behind the wheel while 
under the influence of drugs not only put their own lives at risk, 
but also those of innocent pedestrians, motorists and their 
passengers." The test can detect cocaine and cannabis, the substances 
most commonly used by drug drivers. The manufacturers also produce a 
test for other drugs including heroin, amphetamine and Ecstasy, but 
this version has not yet won Home Office backing. A positive test 
will show red lines, similar to a pregnancy test.

In March a new drug driving law comes into force with penalties of up 
to six months' jail and UKP5000 fines.
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