Pubdate: Tue, 13 Jan 2015
Source: Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)
Copyright: 2015 Appeal-Democrat
Author: Pete Garcia


Very soon, the Yuba County supervisors will meet to modify the 
current marijuana cultivation ordnance. I think before any new 
ordinance that allows marijuana cultivation is put into law, the 
supervisors should consider the following:

There is not enough personnel now to enforce the current ordinance; 
will the county be able to hire additional officers under a new ordinance?

Consider why people move here: It has nothing to do with living in a 
county that has the most liberal pot laws in the state. Check with 
our county sheriff and other law enforcement agencies on the amount 
of crime committed related to marijuana growing and sales. And does 
the county have the resources to deal with these type of crimes?

Don't kid yourself into believing the argument that marijuana grown 
here is for medicinal purposes. Currently, there is no evidence to 
even suggest that marijuana cures any type of illness; the United 
States Controlled Substance Act lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug 
right along with heroin and LSD.

It's about money; when you see automobiles roaming the back roads of 
the county from place like Ohio, Florida, and New Jersey, they are 
not here to visit.

There are several counties in California that have very strict laws 
limiting the amount, and where marijuana can be grown, which makes it 
less attractive for those who grow and sell marijuana for profit; add 
Yuba County to that list.

Lastly, ask yourself: Would you want marijuana in any amount under 
and any conditions being grown next door to you?

Pete Garcia

Loma Rica
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