Pubdate: Mon, 12 Jan 2015
Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle (Australia)
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Author: Carlie Walker
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HIS lawyer made every effort to keep him from spending time behind
bars, even likening the case to drug trafficking charges faced by a
former Queensland Origin star, but ultimately [name redacted], 19, was
denied bail.

Defence lawyer Travis George represented [name redacted] in
Maryborough Magistrates Court and told magistrate John Smith his
client was "crapping himself" at the prospect of spending time in jail.

"He's never been in prison before," Mr George said.

"He's just had 24 hours straight in the watchhouse. He's petrified of
going to jail."

[name redacted] was arrested on Thursday and charged with trafficking
in dangerous drugs, disobeying a lawful order issued by a statutory
authority, possessing anything used in the commission of a crime and
two charges of possessing dangerous drugs.

The court heard [name redacted] had recently appeared before
magistrate John Smith and had been given bail on other charges.

Mr Smith warned [name redacted] he could serve time in custody if he
reappeared before him as he would be in a show-cause situation in
which he would need to give reasons why he should be allowed out on

Mr George argued that the police case was "very thin" when it came to
the drug trafficking charge.

He compared his client's case to the charges against former Queensland
Origin star Jason Smith, who stands accused of trafficking cocaine but
was given bail, Mr George suggested, the footballer's charges were
more serious than the charges his client faced.

Mr Smith said Jason Smith had not been on bail before and was not in a
show-cause position - a major difference between the cases.

He said there was an unacceptable risk [name redacted] would

[name redacted] was refused bail and his case was adjourned until
February 23.
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