Pubdate: Fri, 09 Jan 2015
Source: Metro (Calgary, CN AB)
Copyright: 2015 Metro Canada
Author: Morgan Modjeski


Smacked Up. Number Of Heroin Charges Increase By 26% Since

Drug users in the city maybe getting busted more often by police, and
heroin offenders are among those leading the way in increases.

Calgary police statistics show the city saw a jump in drug offences of
more than eight per cent in the first nine month ending September 2014
with 1,409 drug charges compared with 1,299 in the same 2013 time-frame.

The Calgary police statistics break down offences by four main drug
categories: cannabis, crack/cocaine, heroin and all other drugs.

Drug offences in the 'other drugs' category saw the biggest jump, as
it increased by 43 per cent by September 2014, compared with 2013.

Heroin charges saw the second highest increase, as 2014 saw 34
offences, an increase of roughly 26 per cent when compared to 27 in
2013 and a spike of roughly 750 per cent when compared to 2010.

Josh Traptow, communications manager with the Alex Community Health
Centre said the youth health clinic started a harm reduction program
in November, providing clean needles due to an increase in heroin usage.

"With heroin, there's always the problem of dirty needles, diseases
and the infections that come with heroin use," he said. "So obviously
an increase in heroin use could result in increased Hep C and things
like that."

Since its creation, said the youth clinic has been distributing
roughly five needles on a weekly basis and Calgary police say the
increase is likely due to increased enforcement.  
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