Pubdate: Tue, 30 Dec 2014
Source: Virgin Islands Daily News, The (VI)
Copyright: 2014 Virgin Islands Daily News
Author: Jeronimo Saldana
Note: Jeronimo Saldana is the Policy and Legislative Coordinator, 
Movement Building, Drug Policy Alliance, in New York City.


As a frequent visitor to the Virgin Islands, I was happy to hear that 
the Virgin Islands Legislature has decriminalized possession of one 
ounce or less of marijuana.

The failed war on drugs has been devastating our communities for far 
too long, wasting our tax dollars and needlessly filling our prisons.

I applaud the Virgin Islands Senate in overriding the governor's veto 
and taking this very important step toward ending the drug war.

Marijuana decriminalization is about more than the plant, it's about 
ending more than 40 years of failed policies that have unjustly 
targeted Black and Latino communities.

The Virgin Islands is joining a growing number of states and 
municipalities who are tired of failed policies and are ready to 
adopt sensible reforms that will truly empower our communities.

I look forward to continuing to experience the beauty and friendship 
of this vibrant island community.
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