Pubdate: Fri, 26 Dec 2014
Source: Tulsa World (OK)
Copyright: 2014 World Publishing Co.
Author: Jeff Pickens


Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against Colorado's marijuana law.

The concern seems to be that marijuana from Colorado is coming to 
Oklahoma. That concerns me too.

What can we do to reduce Colorado's market share? In fact, what can 
we do to reduce the market share for all imported and black market 
marijuana in Oklahoma? How can we keep the profits here and generate 
tax money to help Oklahoma?

This used to be the problem with the tattoo business. Oklahomans were 
spending gasoline money and travel time going to other states for tattoos.

Oklahomans were paying tattoo businesses and taxes in other states. 
In 2006, Oklahoma wised up and legalized tattooing.

The marijuana situation is the same.

Many Oklahomans want marijuana. It is popular even with our insane 
laws. We obviously need to establish a legal market in Oklahoma.

I'm certain most Oklahomans would prefer to know exactly who is 
profiting from their pot purchase. Furthermore, I'm certain most 
would like to be able to hold marijuana businesses legally 
accountable for the composition of the product.

I agree, marijuana from Colorado is bad for Oklahoma. We need to be 
able to buy legal Oklahoma-grown marijuana. Let's change our marijuana law!

Jeff Pickens, Stillwater
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