Pubdate: Sun, 21 Dec 2014
Source: Lansing State Journal (MI)
Copyright: 2014 Lansing State Journal
Author: Jim McGaugh


How long-term marijuana use effects the human brain is a pivotal 
question before any legalization can occur nationally. Although 
alcohol remains legal despite the massive evidence on the dangers 
associated with long-term use, the fight to make marijuana available, 
both for its medical properties (especially important in selectively 
killing cancer cells) and for non-medical/recreational use, is hinged 
on claims made about marijuana's effects on the individual user.

The University of Texas recently published research on the long-term 
effects of marijuana. This research helps dispel the dying myth that 
marijuana use lowers the IQ and actually provides even more evidence 
about marijuana's potential role in fighting Alzheimer's disease.

This research also revealed the earlier onset of regular marijuana 
use leads to greater structural and functional connectivity in the 
brain. (I think high school qualifies as "early onset.") These 
results will need to be confirmed with a larger sample study, because 
this was based on roughly 100 participants, but the preliminary 
results do seem quite promising.

Marijuana is good food, fuel, fiber, and fun. Free the weed!

Jim McGaugh

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