Pubdate: Wed, 17 Dec 2014
Source: Globe-Gazette (Mason City, IA)
Copyright: 2014 Globe-Gazette
Author: Robert V. Echelbarger


It was a tough fight getting the Iowa Legislature to pass a law 
prohibiting smoking in public places. By doing so the health of 
citizens has improved.

Smoking is a large financial burden to Iowans. The terrible damage to 
the body has been reduced. Smoking has caused about 480,000 deaths 
each year. Secondhand smoke has chemicals that cause cancer and is 
even more dangerous. Iowa lawmakers should make casinos smoke-free.

I wonder why legislatures in Iowa and other states are passing laws 
to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Smoke have legalized 
smoking pot for recreational purposes. How will the drug cartel in 
Mexico react to the new competition in the pot market?

Obviously, smoking and ingesting marijuana in food is even more 
deadly than smoking tobacco. It is addictive and causes a person to 
become confused or foolish. Children will be drawn to the cookies and 
candy laced with marijuana.

When it is used as a pain killer, all it does is shut down the 
defensive mechanisms in the brain. It cures nothing Pain is a warning 
that something is wrong in the body.

Studies have shown that smoking marijuana causes growth problems in 
the brain. Body reflexes also are reduced, making it dangers to those 
using it and others while driving motor vehicles. Police and the 
State Patrol are having enough problems enforcing the law without 
adding marijuana to the list. Those who ingest pot tend to be lousy parents.

With the approaching session of the Legislature, advocates continue 
pushing for measures which would loosen the restriction on the use of 
marijuana in medical treatments.

The camel is all the way inside the legislative tent now. The 
question is, what are we citizens of Iowa going to do about it?

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