Pubdate: Fri, 12 Dec 2014
Source: Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON)
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Author: Lois Ann Baker
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The good news is Cornwall is a safer place this year than than it was
last year. Chief Dan Parkinson told the Cornwall Community Police
Board that crime rates are down across the board.

"It's a good news story," said Parkinson.

"We will continue to do what we are doing."

Parkinson said CCPS is seeing the results of the application of their
strategic business plan. In particular, Parkinson said, youth crime is

"One of the foundations we have been driving forward on is our
attention on youth," he said.

"If we steer them away from crime that means they are not going to
turn into adults who offend and it bodes well for the city."

Parkinson credited the many agencies and services in the city that are
geared toward youth and ensuring young people get the best possible
chance to stay out of the formal justice system, develop socially and
finish their education to end up as mature, contributing and
responsible citizens.

Parkinson said CCPS has two officers assigned to youth at risk and
each one carries a case load of between 40 and 50.

"Their sole purpose is to keep the youth in school, out of trouble,
whatever it takes."

He also said officers carr y with them latitude or discretion on
whether a young offender under the age of 12 is charged or not.

The total number of property crimes are down 25.1% from 2013 dropping
from 1,604 incidents to 1,202. Violent crimes have dropped as well,
from 780 to 716, a difference of 8.2%.

Drug crimes dropped from 101 offences to 93, a difference of 7.9%, and
all other crime incidents dropped 24.4%, from 889 to 672.

Our youth, who are included in the above numbers, are staying on the
right side of the l aw for the most part as well. Violent crimes
committed by youth dropped from 95 to 73, a 23.2% decrease. Property
crimes are down 38.6%, from 140 to 86, and other crimes, not including
drug violations, are down 36.3%. The only category that has seen a
rise in youth offences are drug violations, they are up 20.8%.

Of the crimes committed in Cornwall, 10.2% of violent crimes, 7.2% of
the property crimes, 11.8% of other crimes and 31.2% of drug offences
were committed by youth.

"I would put our numbers up against anyone," said Parkinson. "We
measure ourselves in the reduction of crime and we are doing very,
very well."
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