Pubdate: Fri, 21 Nov 2014
Source: Rutland Herald (VT)
Copyright: 2014 Rutland Herald
Author: Ted Schaft


I would like to thank the Rutland Herald for making the Libertarian
case for legalizing drugs in the recent op-ed piece. The point of the
Herald article was that because of the American craving for drugs, we
have allowed the Mexican and Central and South American drug cartels
to prosper and terrorize the populace of those countries. What the
Herald failed to point out is that this case has been made over and
over again to no avail. Appealing to the conscience of a drug addict
is pure folly.

A 35-year drug war has done nothing to stem the tide at great cost to
taxpayers. Did we learn nothing from Prohibition? No amount of law
enforcement will stop the drugs from flowing, and perhaps it will
increase it. When these drugs become scarce, the price goes up and it
makes it even more profitable for the drug lords. More are willing to
risk all for the greater payday. The politicians, police and judges
are often corrupt and those who aren't are often executed, then put up
for public display to keep people in fear.

The answer is simple: legalize, regulate and tax these drugs. Take the
drugs away from the criminals. Now that alcohol is legal, regulated
and taxed, we don't see illegal speakeasies any more. In Portugal,
where heroin is now legal and regulated, more and more people are
coming in for treatment and the level of use has hardly ticked up.

Now that the Herald has made the case for Libertarian solutions, they
should endorse the Libertarians running for office.


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