Pubdate: Thu, 13 Nov 2014
Source: Central Hastings News (CN ON)
Copyright: Metroland 2014
Contact:  Alan Coxwell


In the latest taxpayer-funded mailout to all households in his
Hastings-Prince Edward riding, our illustrious member of Parliament
asks us if we are feeling safer these days. Daryl Kramp wants our
feedback, postage-free (read: We are all paying for this with our
taxes), sent back to him in Ottawa. Within that same mailout we are
told exactly how the Harper Government has made us safer. So,
naturally, our answers should be, "Yes. I feel safer. Thank God for
Mr. Harper."

This is your classic political powerat-any-cost mentality in action.
First you scare them ... Justin Trudeau wants your kid to be a drug
addict. Then you tell them how you are going to save them ... we are
building more jail cells. Canadians are still falling for it. With our
own tax dollars we are being fed lies and misinformation on a daily
basis. With our own money the lies are being repeated, and repeated,
and repeated until they shape reality for those naive acolytes who
form the permanent "Conservative base." The latest example of the
misuse of our tax dollars in this way are the anti-marijuana ads
purported to be from Health Canada. Harper will not tell us what we
are paying to run them on television and the Internet but all
estimates are at least $5 million. Harper's 30-second video ends with:
"A message from the Government of Canada."

In case you have not noticed, an American-style 2015 election campaign
has started and Conservatives are using our tax dollars for their own
deceptive campaigning right now. Peterborough's recently convicted MP
Dean Del Mastro is just a big chip off the old unethical block.

Unless you have been under a rock somewhere you will have that image
of a glass tube brain embedded in your own brain. With sinister music
playing in the background those glass brain-tubes get dirtier as the
announcer tells us of all of the damage marijuana does to a teen's
brain. "Loss of memory. Learning problems. Decreased IQ." Marijuana is
300 to 400 per cent stronger than your 1960's hippie's pot! Despite
the fact this is simply untrue, think of it this way: humans soon
figure out that you had better not drink the same volume of 40 per
cent whiskey as you do four per cent beer or you will be very sorry in
the morning. You may even be dead come morning because alcohol is a
poison with no medical value. Despite the facts no one has ever died
from using cannabis and that it offers proven medical value Harper has
to make it look evil because Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May would
legalize, regulate and tax it.

Meanwhile, down south of the border last week, while
ultra-conservative Republicans were winning more elections, the
American people voted to legalize cannabis in Oregon, Alaska and
Washington D.C. Add them to Washington state and Colorado, which have
been reaping the benefits of increased tourism and taxation since
legalizing over a year ago, while simultaneously watching drug dealers
exit their states, and it is plain to see the people know the truth
about this plant which any good evangelical Christian like Harper
should thank his God for putting on our planet. Instead Harper chooses
to keep telling the old American lies to Canadians.

Now we have the absurdity of British Columbia, renowned worldwide for
its high quality BC Bud, sandwiched between Alaska and Washington
state where marijuana is now legal. Here in Canada Harper has his RCMP
throwing Canadians in jail, seizing their homes and other assets,
destroying their families and in many cases shooting the family dog
when they kick in the front door of a suspected grow op at 3 a.m.,
consequently generating huge costs for our justice system.

The truth is exactly the opposite of what Harper and Kramp keep
telling us. They actually support organized crime. If you do not
believe me here is a quote from JoaquA-n "El Chapo" GuzmA!n Loera the
Mexican billionaire drug cartel kingpin whose empire is still run by
his offspring and friends while he sits in a Mexican prison. "Whoever
came up with this War On Drugs, I would like to kiss him on the lips
and shake his hand and buy him dinner with caviar and champagne. The
War On Drugs is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and all my
closest friends. I couldn't have gotten so stinking rich without
George Bush, G. Bush Jr., Ronald Reagan, even El Presidente Obama;
none of them have the cajones to stand up to all the big money that
wants to keep this stuff illegal. From the bottom of my heart I want
to say gracias amigos, I owe my whole empire to you." El Chapo had
been ranked by Forbes as the tenth richest man in Mexico. Since 2006
over 53,000 Mexicans have been killed! as the cartels continue to
fight for market share to this day.

TV has been called "The Opiate of the Masses." Canadians should turn
off their mind-numbing televisions and turn on their own intellects.
Do some research. Search for the truth on the issues facing us all.
Start by googling US Patent No. 6,630,507 B1 dated October 7, 2003,
which proves the United States government has legally locked in patent
rights to the active ingredients in cannabis. I personally gave a hard
copy of these patent papers to Mr. Kramp but it has done no good. He
still votes exactly as Harper tells him to no matter what evidence he
has available.

So do I feel safer Daryl? No. But hey, thanks for asking.

Alan Coxwell

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