Pubdate: Fri, 07 Nov 2014
Source: News-Press (Fort Myers, FL)
Copyright: 2014 The News-Press
Author: Ben Pollara


Dear Friend, I want to thank you.

While Amendment 2 needed 60 percent to pass, a significant (and 
impossible to ignore) majority of voters supported medical marijuana 
in Florida - 58 percent. Amendment 2 received nearly 500,000 more 
votes than Rick Scott did, and over 883,000 more votes than the No campaign.

The will of the voters is clear: and medical marijuana will be coming 
to Florida, one way or another. We will be in touch over the next 
week to let you know the next steps in this fight.

The fact that medical marijuana is even a conversational topic in 
Florida is because of you and your support. We started this campaign 
almost two years ago with virtually no presence in the state, and few 
supporters. We ended with 3.3 million votes for the amendment, 
thousands of volunteers, and a shot at winning.

In the process, we've built a movement that will keep building until 
we secure compassionate care for the patients who need it.

I'm proud of this campaign, our tireless staff and what we've built, 
and I'm proudly going to keep fighting until we get what the majority 
of voters want.

Ben Pollara, People United for Medical Marijuana
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