Pubdate: Wed, 29 Oct 2014
Source: Herald, The (Everett, WA)
Copyright: 2014 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Jamie Curtismith
Page: A11


On Oct. 21, Rich Anderson publicly announced that the legalization of 
marijuana is to blame for many of the problems our city is facing. 
Considering that under his tenure, the city has banned all access 
points for medical marijuana patients, and that he continues to 
uphold restrictive policies to keep out large legal I-502 grow 
operations, which bring much needed jobs and tax revenue to our city, 
the real problem we face is Anderson's conservative reefer-mad morality.

By restricting legal access to marijuana in our city, not only does 
he blatantly ignore almost 60 percent of the voters' wishes, his 
policies are undermining the legalization effort, which in turn, 
allows the black market to thrive. Politics require the illusion of 
choice and the Reganomically trained accountant turned councilman 
naively believes he can eradicate marijuana in our community "by just 
saying no." The only real choice Mr. Anderson has is to allow 
marijuana here legally or illegally. Mr. Anderson has made his 
choice. Now it's time we make ours: Vote Nov. 4 to remove delusional 
politicians who represent the misguided moral minority so we can 
finally put an end to the failed prohibition on pot.

Jamie Curtismith

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