Pubdate: Sun, 26 Oct 2014
Source: Bulletin, The (Bend, OR)
Copyright: 2014 Western Communications Inc.
Author: Robert Perry


For our children's sake, please vote no on Measure 91 - legalization 
of "recreational" marijuana. Some greedy legalization proponents are 
salivating at big bucks to be made while ignoring societal costs and 
potential human damage.

Lancet Psychiatry Journal (September 2014) warns: Teenagers using 
cannabis daily are 60 percent less likely to complete high school or 
get a degree than peers who have never taken the drug. They're also 
nearly seven times likelier to attempt suicide and almost eight times 
likelier to use other illicit drugs later.

Marijuana has been associated with lower test scores and lower 
educational attainment. It reduces ambition and provides an escape 
from challenges and responsibilities. Certainly not what we need to 
improve Oregon's lackluster public education results.

The Oregon district attorneys and state sheriff's associations both 
oppose Measure 91. Clatsop County D.A. Josh Marquis stated: "There's 
going to be a huge trickle down to youth" from adults as the drug is 
seen as more acceptable. Regardless of your feelings about adult use 
of marijuana, he said: "would you want your kids, while they are 
learning, to be affected by a powerful drug?" (, July 30)

Let's learn from Colorado's experience. Gov. John Hickenlooper 
cautions other states to "go slow" on recreational marijuana because 
they don't know the impact on youth. Dr. Larry Wolk, Colorado Public 
Health, recently announced: "Later this month, we'll launch a youth 
prevention campaign that encourages kids not to risk damaging their 
growing brains by experimenting with marijuana."

Robert Perry

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